View Full Version : Kevin Spacey Whips Out the Weiner Option, Will Seek Sex Addiction Therapy

11-02-2017, 06:21 PM
In view of the cases of a number of high-profile perverts including Anthony Weiner and Harvey Weinstein, the last refuge of a scoundrel seems to be checking into a sex addiction rehab clinic.

Not that any sexual predator, adulterer, pervert or pedophile ever even considered that he had a problem until being caught, its good public relations even if it doesn’t always matter in terms of getting a sexual degenerate off the hook in the end – see Weiner.

This seems to be the route that actor Kevin Spacey is choosing after a mega-scandal erupted over years of alleged incidents including trying to force himself on a 14-year-old teenager.

Spacey’s career has been rocked over the last week as Netflix has been forced to halt production on the series “House of Cards” in which the accused pedophile played the starring role of Beltway snake Francis Underwood.

New allegations regarding Spacey continue to come out daily and a London theater where he worked even saw it necessary to set up a dedicated hotline to report sexual improprieties by the actor while he was employed there.

Now Spacey appears to be headed into rehab where he can lay low while his legal team figures out a strategy to rebut the allegations and discredit those making them.