View Full Version : The Advocate Knew About Kevin Spacey in 2001 but Refused to Name Him

11-03-2017, 06:52 PM
Popular LGBT magazine the Advocate has admitted that they knew about Anthony Rapp’s sexual harassment allegations against Kevin Spacey in 2001.
In an article titled, “Why Did The Advocate Redact Kevin Spacey’s Name in 2001?” the magazine revealed that despite the fact they knew of Spacey’s alleged sexual misconduct with 14-year-old Rapp, they chose to keep his identity hidden.

“In 2001, Rent actor Anthony Rapp and Dennis Hensley — a former freelance writer for The Advocate — were both promoting CD releases at the time. Hensley believed he asked the LGBT magazine’s then-editor in chief, Bruce C. Steele, for ‘a little online space’ to help promote these projects,” the Advocate explained in their article. “But at one point during the brief back-and-forth, Rapp broached the topic of closeted actors. And a bombshell dropped. ‘That makes me think of [a certain leading man] in [a certain award-winning film],’ said Hensley at the time — the name and film were redacted in the final published article.”