View Full Version : Shumer helped athlete get around visa denial - sexualy assaults 12 yr old girl

11-05-2017, 03:40 PM
The media CHEERED when Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) helped a 24-yr old Muslim man enter the U.S. after he was denied entry…The media was strangely SILENT, however, after he molested a 12-yr-old upstate NY girl while she was with her family at an event celebrating the Muslim athlete. Yesterday, it was discovered that the Islamic extremist who killed 9 people and injured dozens of others, when he rammed his truck into them on a busy bike path in New York City, entered our country on a “Diversity visa” that was the brainchild of none other than the Democrat Senator from NY, Chuck (I always put diversity before our nation’s security) Schumer…

An Indian athlete who overcame a visa denial with the help of U.S. lawmakers and a local mayor to attend the World Snowshoe Championship in New York has been arrested on charges of the abuse of a minor.