View Full Version : American Troops Fought Ambush Alone when Allies Fled

11-05-2017, 03:53 PM
The US special forces detachment ambushed in the Niger last month fought alone for hours after the local Nigerien forces they were accompanying fled in the first minutes of the engagement, retired and serving special forces officers with knowledge of events have said.

The trapped soldiers also made repeated efforts to convince French warplanes sent from neighbouring Mali to engage the enemy, attempting to “talk in” the pilots who refused to attack due to poor weather, rough terrain and an inability to differentiate friend from foe, the officers said.

Four US Green Berets and five Nigerien troops died in the incident, which has been the focus of an intense debate in Washington over the executive branch’s extensive powers to use military force abroad without congressional approval and with little oversight

I heard from a Nam Vet (lost both legs from the knees down) that some South Vietnam soldiers did the same thing.


DumbAss Tanker
11-05-2017, 04:20 PM
When you're doing a military assistance mission with Third World troops, there's nothing unusual about that at all. Part of the mission plan has to be what to do when the useless 'tards run away, which our guys probably had but circumstances rendered them unable to implement. I'm sure the French pilots would insist their hands were tied by their own ROE, but really they're a bunch of no-balls MFs.