View Full Version : Hate Hoax debunked

11-11-2017, 05:31 PM
Muslim College Student Who Lied About Trump Supporters Attacking Her On NY Subway Pleads Guilty

When Yasmin Seweid lied and told police that three drunk white men screamed “Donald Trump!” and hurled islamophobic insults at her, her story was on the front pages of national and international newspapers. News broadcasts led with the story. The media could not get enough of it. When no cell phone video could be produced, no proof whatsoever, it became increasingly clear that this was just another case of a Muslim lying lying about Islamophobia, and the media’s interest quickly waned. And that is a great pity, because that’s where the story gets interesting. This young Muslim woman so feared that her father would find out she was dating a non-Muslim, she took a less frightening route – lying to the entire world. And clearly she wasn’t wrong: when she appeared in court the following day, her father had shaved her head. The media reported this as if it were a normal thing – no editorial accompanied the shocking photos of Yasmin.