View Full Version : Friends Baffled Over “Feminist’s” Decision To Side With Disgraced Weinstein

11-12-2017, 03:36 PM
It seems baffling to think that any woman in America right now would side with disgraced Democratic mega-donor Harvey Weinstein. There is one, however, public relations specialist Sallie Hofmeister. The former journalist was once nominated for Pulitzer Prize but her integrity seems to be in question with her unwavering support of the accused Weinstein.

Several of Hofmeister’s friends have come forward, disappointed with her decision to stand by the producer.

One friend has known Hofmeister for more than 20 years says;

“All I can say is how much are they paying her to be Harvey’s mouthpiece? I hope she’s making a fortune because this is really embarrassing

I believe show me the money is an appropriate answer to her friends' disappointment.