View Full Version : Pope Francis: Climate Change Skepticism Is ‘Perverse’

11-17-2017, 02:51 PM
Humanity is currently experiencing a “climate emergency,” Pope Francis said, while decrying denial of human-induced climate change as a perverse attitude that endangers all.

“We need a conversation that unites us all, because the environmental challenge we are experiencing, and its human roots, affects us all,” Francis said in a statement to the COP23 UN Climate Change summit taking place this week in Bonn, Germany.

Four “perverse” attitudes that obstruct the quest for concrete solutions to the problem of climate change “range from denial of the problem to indifference, nonchalant resignation, or blind trust in technical solutions,” he said.

These perverse attitudes, Francis said, “certainly do not help honest research and sincere and fruitful dialogue on building the future of our planet: denial, indifference, resignation and trust in inadequate solutions.”


cadillac shark
11-17-2017, 06:37 PM
Woah, Big Fella... You're starting to use vitriol that surpasses the intensity used against child sexual-abusers. Better tamp it down a few notches.