View Full Version : California mass shooter built his own illegal guns

11-17-2017, 03:52 PM
The deranged Northern California gunman built two of the four weapons he used in his bloody rampage himself, authorities said.

Kevin Janson Neal — who killed five people Tuesday before being gunned down by police — fashioned a pair of AR-15 semi-automatic rifles from parts he purchased, the Record Searchlight reported.

These firearms were manufactured illegally, we believe, by him at his home,” Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston said Wednesday. “So they [the guns] were obtained in an illegal manner, not through a legal process. They are not registered.”

Cops said the crazed gunman had also used two handguns that were registered to someone else.

A restraining order issued in February prohibited him for owning guns.

The order was put in place after he was charged with assaulting two women in January, the outlet reported. He was out on $160,000 bail when he carried out the shooting.

Common sense gun laws would have prevented this :sarcasm:


old dog
11-17-2017, 06:25 PM
Slightly off topic and I am sure many here are already aware of this.

These firearms were manufactured illegally, we believe, by him at his home,” Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston said Wednesday.

This is not necessarily true. It is easy to legally manufacrure an AR-15 or AR-10 or a variety of handguns in your home, even in the People's Republic of California. This will change in California on July 1st 2018. All you need is a vise, drill and a router. You can easily buy what is called an 80% lower receiver and a jig to complete the remaining 20% of machining. The 80% receiver is not considered a firearm by ATF, it is just a block of aluminium. There are even "California compliant" receivers to conform to some of their more restrictive laws. All other parts to the rifle are not subject to ATF regulation and are available from many sources. The receivers and jigs come in varying degrees of quality and price from under $100 to $300 or $400 total. You cannot legally sell these completed receivers but no serial numbers or registration is required, at least on a federal level. There is also a $1500 CNC machine that will make the receiver from a raw block of aluminium. https://www.wired.com/2015/06/i-made-an-untraceable-ar-15-ghost-gun/

If you are really a privacy paranoid like yours truly, you can go to a dealer or gun show and pay cash (you remember, that green stuff) to have something truly untraceable.

DumbAss Tanker
11-17-2017, 07:18 PM
The California AG and ATF have somewhat different ideas of what is an 'Illegally made gun.' In fact the CA standards, even under the existing law, on what parts beyond the ATF's definitions are legally controlled are largely matters of AG opinions, which can turn around on a dime with no legislative process at all (Like that would matter in Loony Land anyway). This unpredictability and capriciousness is why you see so many gun part items on GunBroker and other auction sites that say 'No CA sales,' because nobody who isn't an actual CA dealer wants to take a chance on misunderstanding their Byzantine and arbitrary BS.

As far as the ATF is concerned, only a receiver is an actual firearm, everything else is just parts (Although it is possible to run afoul of them if you have a complete set of the 'Wrong' parts for a legal gun you have). There is an interpretation of the ATF rules that it is legal to make your own weapon from scratch or using an 80 percent lower/frame as long as you never transfer it afterward, which is why those 80-percent kits are legal to buy and sell (Outside CA and a few other places), there is no independent Federal requirement to serialize or register it anywhere afterward since it cannot be transfered, that is up to the State rules. Of course if it is an otherwise-illegal weapon, like a machinegun, 120 mortar, or RPG-2/B40, they'll fry your ass for that as a completely separate issue. I personally regard this as skating farther out onto the ice to get away from that annoying cracking noise, but whatever floats yer boat.