View Full Version : Hours After Sexual Harassment Allegations, Jesse Jackson Announces He Has Parkinsonís

11-18-2017, 03:23 PM
Obamacare, eat your heart out. The trendy new Medical Card being used by all the hip Democrats these days helps them escape tight legal spots and negative press.

Jesse Jackson announced today with bizarre and great fanfare that he has Parkinsonís Disease, just days after he was accused of sexually harassing a reporter ó the latest in a long list of sexual exploits linked to the good reverend through the years.

But heís a sick man now, so letís not go there.

The timing of these maladies are becoming somewhat comical. Jackson announced his disease on Twitter on Friday. Isnít that how everyone discloses their medical diagnoses these days?

Only if you are an embattled Democrat in legal trouble or headed for even deeper trouble like Hillary Clinton or honorary Democrat John McCain.

Jackson doesnít like True Pundit poking around either. We canít even display his Tweet announcing his disease, as he has blocked us from accessing his Twitter account.