View Full Version : Liberals Rage As “Hero” Behind Trump’s Twitter Incident Reveals Amazing Truth

12-02-2017, 05:26 PM
A couple of weeks ago, a Twitter employee became a hero for the Democrats as he decided to take off the Twitter account of President Donald Trump. While this situation only lasted 11 minutes, it was more than enough for him to become some kind of modern version of Han Solo. However, Democrats got an unpleasant surprise when the man in question decided to contact the media in order to explain the truth.

It happened on November 2 when the 28-year-old man named Bahtiyar Duysak shut down the Twitter account of the most powerful man on earth. While his identity remained unknown, almost every single media outlet created a narrative that glorified Duysak as a man who was willing to do the unthinkable to harm Trump. At least for 11 minutes.

Naturally, the problem with this narrative was that no media outlet waited for Duysak to explain his side of the events. Basically, the media had an opportunity to create an interesting anti-Trump history, and they didn’t wait for its main character to provide the real picture.

Believe it or not, Duysak recently came out to explain what really took place in his office, and admitted that he is actually an admirer of President Trump. That’s right, the German man who took down his Twitter account said that he admires Trump’s hard work and the way he managed to get “to the highest position.” In addition, Duysak assured the Republican is a “very successful person.”

Getting to this point, it’s inevitable to ask why he decided to take down his Twitter account considering that he admires him. Lamentably for the mainstream media, his explanation of this event completely destroyed the narrative they created.

Far from being the irreverent act of a man who wanted to shake the world, the truth is that it was nothing more than a simple mistake. In fact, Twitter had acknowledged the error after the faux pas occurred. They quickly announced the account´s shutdown was accidental and that a contractor on his last day of work was the responsible