View Full Version : Military Failed To Properly Report Hundreds Of Criminals To FBI Last Year

12-05-2017, 03:46 PM
U.S. military services collectively failed to submit reports on hundreds of qualifying court-martialed service-members to the FBI, a Monday Department of Defense Inspector General report examining procedures between 2015 and 2016 found.

The military is required by law to submit both fingerprint cards and “final disposition reports” to the FBI for certain court-martialed offenses. “Overall, of the 2,502 fingerprint cards required to be submitted, we identified 601 (24 percent) that were missing. Of 2,502 required final disposition reports required to be submitted, 780 (31 percent) were missing,” the damning report concludes for just a single calendar year.

The report follows the November deadly church massacre in Texas perpetrated by former Air Force enlisted-man Devin Kelley. Kelley was able to legally purchase firearms despite a court-martial for domestic violence, which the Air Force failed to submit to the FBI. The Air Force, however, appears to have one of the best reporting track records of the military services.

This information is false. Everyone knows that guns (of and by themselves) hacked into the military database and removed the information.