View Full Version : Man-Hating Feminists Being Booted By FB For Calling Men “Scum,” “Trash,” Etc.

12-06-2017, 06:31 PM
These hateful bimbos are finally getting a taste of their own fascist medicine.

The very same class of man-hating feminists who seek to curtail the free speech rights of men have been seeing their Facebook accounts be temporarily suspended or outright banned for containing misandrist drivel about how “men are scum,” “men are trash” and “all men are ugly,” according to The Daily Beast:

Women have posted things as bland as “men ain’t shit,” “all men are ugly,” and even “all men are allegedly ugly” and had their posts removed. They’ve been locked out of their accounts for suggesting that, since “all men are ugly,” country music star Blake Shelton “winning the sexiest man isn’t a triumph.”

“I personally posted men are scum in November and I received a seven day ban. It’s still ongoing. Two days and 23 hours left,” said comedian Alison Klemp.

Kayla Avery, a comedian in Boston said she’s been banned close to 10 times by Facebook and is currently serving out the end of her third 30-day ban.

FYI, The Daily Beast makes no mention of Klemp and others like her being feminists. But because Downtrend is a relatively minor blog with limited influence and I enjoy being a cynical asshole, I’ve chosen to assume it’s mainly man-hating feminists who’re being hit by FB