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12-14-2017, 02:22 PM
Democrats pressured Rep. John Conyers and Senator Al Franken to resign so they could go after President Trump for sexual harassment without looking like total hypocrites. They are now asking what the difference between what Conyers and Franken did and what Trump is accused of while calling for the President to resign. Allow me to demonstrate the difference: there is a picture of Franken molesting a woman as she slept and Conyers settled a sexual harassment lawsuit, while Trump denies everything heís accused of. And then thereís the issue of accuser credibility.

One of the women accusing Trump of groping her has not only failed to describe any inappropriate touching by the President, she is offering up a blind man as a witness. Iím not making this up.

Melinda McGillivray was on Megyn Kelly Today trying to explain how Trump groped her at Mar-A-Lago in 2003.

The next thing you know, I feel a grab on my right side. I quickly turn to look at what this is. I initially think this is probably Kenís camera bag. But to my surprise, itís DonaldÖI look at his face. Heís looking stone-cold, just stoic, at Ray Charles. I stand there, Iím stunned. Iím speechless. I donít even know what to do in that moment,Ē said McGillivray.

Right off the bat, this is not the description of a sexual assault. Sheís saying that Trump grabbed her on the right side, not her boobs or butt, just her right side. Itís not an unheard of thing for a person to touch another person on the side or the arm or the back, especially to get someoneís attention. McGillivray said she wasnít looking at Trump when he did this and was surprised. She just described a normal way that people get the attention of others, not an act of sexual misconduct.

And thatís not the only problem with this lame accusation. Sheís trying to give her story credibility by saying it was witnessed, in this instance by Ray Charles. In case you donít know who that is, he was a singer/songwriter who died in 2004, so it would be impossible to ask him about this, plus he was blind since age 7 so he probably wouldnít make a good witness even if he were still around.

Her IQ is equivalent to Ray Charles' vision !


12-14-2017, 02:57 PM
Lots of holes in her story.

However, groping by a clutzy man could avoid the breasts and crotch and still have sexual intent. Stroking a woman's leg, for example. Poking her in the ribs, if she's not your wife, girlfriend, friend, daughter or niece is not okay.

My dad would poke me in the ribs or grab my knee affectionately when I was a teen and he was in control of his faculties. It was okay then, it was affectionate. Now that he forgets I'm his daughter, if he were to do the same thing, his intent would be very different.