View Full Version : CNN Promotes Children’s Book Portraying Santa Claus in Gay Interracial Marriage

12-18-2017, 03:09 PM
You had better be sitting down for this story of a sinister effort to indoctrinate the young from the same ideological mutant gene pool that produced calls for banning Dr. Seuss for sending subliminal white supremacist messages.

Not only is the radical left hellbent at tearing down statues and culturally cleansing American history into a version that fits their warped worldview, they are going after every vestige of tradition as well.

Not even Santa Claus is safe.

A new children’s book has come out to introduce the kiddies to the homosexual lifestyle at an early age and to promote “diversity” which can be defined as a diabolical way to promote a political agenda.

This year, many will find a copy of “Santa’s Husband” under their Christmas trees in which Santa is not only gay but he has married his African-American partner.


12-18-2017, 03:30 PM
I would buy it for my sister as a joke, but she wouldn't take it that way. She's far to the left of me and has little sense of humor about such things.

Instead, I bought her a copy of a magazine called "Gardens and Guns" (it's not her only present, I'm not that cheap). She's into gardening and wants to remove the 2nd amendment from the Constitution. She will likely be offended by the title. LOL.