View Full Version : A man has been fined 80 for swearing at his own television while drunk.

12-07-2008, 02:32 PM
Man fined for swearing at TV

Colin Peake, SDC's anti-social behaviour co-ordinator
He was fined 80 and told to pay 60 costs plus a 15 victim surcharge at the hearing on Thursday.

Plumber Martin Solomon, 62, was heard by neighbours as he shouted 'foul and offensive language' at his TV, magistrates in Stroud, Glos, heard.

His ranting put him in breach of an anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) which had been imposed at an earlier hearing to try to stop him shouting and swearing at the television whenever he disagreed with a programme.

Simon James, defending at Stroud Magistrates' Court, said: "Mr Solomon often drinks more than is good for him."He will have a drink and will return home.

"Then he will put on the television and if someone on the TV says something that upsets him, he will swear at the TV."Drink appears to be the problem - he admits that it's his companion."

The court heard that his neighbours in Farmhill close, Stroud - among them two children aged two and 11 - were disturbed from their sleep and upset by the language.

Stroud District Council obtained the two-year ASBO order in Gloucester Magistrates' Court on September 27 last year.But Solomon broke the order on October 21 at 10.10pm, October 23 at 23.55pm and November 10 at 9.55pm, the court heard.

Solomon admitted the breach in a police interview and pleaded guilty in court.

Mr James said: "He has tried very hard to comply with the order.

"He had a lapse in June of this year and he did apologise to the neighbours but there's been a spate in October and November."When he isn't drinking and watching TV late at night, he seems to get on with his neighbours."He said Solomon had consulted a doctor and a rehabilitation service.

Colin Peake, SDC's anti-social behaviour co-ordinator, said: "It's very frustrating for the family next door who've got two young children."Martin is a nice man but drink is the devil amongst him."

He was fined 80 and told to pay 60 costs plus a 15 victim surcharge at the hearing on Thursday.


12-07-2008, 02:41 PM
That newspaper headline is a little misleading. He was not fined for swearing at the TV, he was fined for essentially a drunken breech of peace of others. I'm not sure if I agree with that or not, just stating it as a point of order.