View Full Version : IOC Demands Removal Of Statue Of Liberty From USA Womenís Hockey Goalie Masks

02-13-2018, 08:01 PM
Well this is certainly dumb. The International Olympic Committee wants two members of the USA Womenís Ice Hockey Team to remove images of the Statue of Liberty from their goalie masks. Why? Apparently itís a little too political for the IOC, which is the one of the most political (and corrupt) organizations around. This is kind of like Planned Parenthood being upset that someone has an extremist position or the Democratic Party complaining that a group is too full of shit. Oh wait, both of those things happen all the time.

USA Today reports that the IOC informed USA Hockey that goalies Nicole Hensley and Alex Rigsby would have to remove representations of the Statue of Liberty from their masks. Hensley has Lady Liberty on the side of her mask and Rigby has one on the chin of hers. Neither of these goalies has played in a a game yet.

Get ready for some insanity. Hereís the reason the IOC says the Statue of Liberty must go:

The IOC views the image as a possible violation of its policy against political symbols. The rule from the IOC Guidelines Regarding Authorized Identifications: No item may feature the wording or lyrics from national anthems, motivational words, public/political messaging or slogans related to national identity.

Um, isnít every flag of every nation competing in the Olympics a political symbol? Arenít national anthems played when an athlete wins a gold medal political symbols? Come to think of it, the uniforms the athletes wear to represent their countries would also qualify as political symbols under the IOCís rules.


Dlr Pyro
02-13-2018, 08:50 PM
and the north korean cheerleaders singing "unify the motherland" during a hockey game isn't too political for the ioc?

02-13-2018, 08:54 PM
What's the IOC got against French statuary creations?