View Full Version : Advice: Don't lie about your name when it's on your neck

12-12-2008, 02:51 PM
If you're not going to give the police your real name, you might not want to have it tattooed on your neck.

That's what St. Paul police say happened this morning.

Officers saw two men crossing a street, but not in a crosswalk, at Forest Street and Minnehaha Avenue about 12:50 a.m., according to a police report. Officers then saw them walking in the street, though there were sidewalks. Both acts violate St. Paul ordinances, the report said.

Police stopped the men and planned to warn them about the violations, the report said. One man was evasive about his identification, telling police he had never had a picture ID, according to the report.

"In an attempt to deceive officers, he gave the name Darnell Lewis," the report
said. "Officers investigated further and with the help of the large tattoo on the male's neck that read 'Frazier,' they were able to identify him."
His real name: Darnell Louis Frazier.

stupidity alert (http://www.twincities.com/ci_11195899?source=most_emailed)

Darnell will have plenty of time in jail to reflect on his misguided lie.

12-12-2008, 10:08 PM
Why would you get your own name inked on your body? Is this to help out SAR?

On a related note: I had to do some customer service face time at a store this evening and the gal who waited on me was very cute. For a second, I thought she had some wildly non-seasonal drop earrings on. Then I realized that she had black stars tattooed down the sides of her neck where long earrings would hang.

When my taste in earrings changes (and it has), I sell them, give them away, or have the stones remade into a more congenial style. You really can't do that with neck skin. :(