View Full Version : Musk Declares War On NTSB: "They're More Concerned With Press Headlines Than Safety

04-12-2018, 05:17 PM
Update II: After making a statement to Bloomberg earlier in the day, Tesla has responded to the NTSB's official statement outlining its reasoning for removing Tesla as a "party" to a crash investigation.

In what can only be described as a scathing attack on the agency leading the investigation into the latest deadly crash involving Tesla's controversial "autopilot" software, Tesla declared that the NTSB is "more concerned with press headlines than actually promoting safety" and accused it of violating its own rule surrounding releasing information to the media.

After threatening to file a complaint with Congress, Tesla said it woudl file a freedom of information request to try and learn more about the reasoning behind the NTSB's decision.

"It's been clear in our conversations with the NTSB that they're more concerned with press headlines than actually promoting safety. Among other things, they repeatedly released partial bits of incomplete information to the media in violation of their own rules, at the same time that they were trying to prevent us from telling all the facts. We don't believe this is right and we will be making an official complaint to Congress. We will also be issuing a Freedom Of Information Act request to understand the reasoning behind their focus on the safest cars in America while they ignore the cars that are the least safe. Perhaps there is a sound rationale for this, but we cannot imagine what that could possibly be."

We suspect this is only the beginning of what could be a protracted back-and-forth between Tesla and NTSB as the electric vehicle manufacturer fights to clear its name.

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Update: The NTSB has released a statement explaining its decision for removing Tesla as a "party" to its investigation into the fatal March crash in Mountain View, Calif.

For those who are unfamiliar with the NTSB's party system, the agency offers entities that could be helpful during investigations the option of becoming a party - a status that allows virtually unfettered access to the NTSB's findings. The point is to ensure that information that can help companies improve safety standards is released to the companies as quickly as possible.

Tesla violated this status by releasing information to the public before it could be vetted by the NTSB - which the company did when it revealed that the driver of the car in the fatal crash had taken his hands off the steering wheel for six seconds before the crash occurred.

Update Read the full released below.

WASHINGTON (April 12, 2018) — The National Transportation Safety Board announced Thursday the removal of Tesla as a party to the NTSB’s investigation of the March 23 fatal crash of a 2017 Tesla Model X near Mountain View, California.

The NTSB took this action because Tesla violated the party agreement by releasing investigative information before it was vetted and confirmed by the NTSB. Such releases of incomplete information often lead to speculation and incorrect assumptions about the probable cause of a crash, which does a disservice to the investigative process and the traveling public

I guess Elon is worrying about the Golden Goose dying.