View Full Version : Does Andrew Cuomo Understand Words? A Free Beacon Investigation

04-19-2018, 03:39 PM
After poring over public statements made by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo within the past few months, the Washington Free Beacon has concluded that the governor does not understand, well, words.

Now, a cynic might note that all of Cuomo's botched vocabulary listed below also enhances his personal biography. They might conclude that Cuomo lies about his own background because he's self-conscious about the fact that he's a rich kid who's only accomplished anything by virtue of being the son of his more talented father, former New York Governor Mario Cuomo. They might suggest that Cuomo is insecure about the notion that if he were born a poor nobody, he would've never been elected to public office, given his lack of charisma, intelligence, and functioning moral compass.

But that wouldn't be fair to Cuomo. What's clearly going on is the man suffers from a chronic condition that leaves him unable to comprehend that words typically carry specific meanings, and that when using those words in sentences, those words must correspond with said meanings. Truly he deserves our sympathy.

In the past year, for example, Cuomo has claimed:

He is an "immigrant": "We are a state of immigrants. I am an immigrant. I'm wholly against this anti-immigrant fever that has been stoked during the political campaign," Cuomo said in a September rebuke of Donald Trump's immigration policies

Cuomo is, in fact, not an immigrant. He was born in New York. "Immigrant" is a word for someone who moves from one country to another. Also, if Cuomo were an immigrant, it wouldn't bode well for his presidential ambitions.

His parents were "poor" and "immigrants": "I am a born and raised New Yorker," Cuomo said at a campaign rally a week ago. "Born in Hollis, Queens. Raised by poor immigrants from South Jamaica."

Both of Cuomo's parents were born in the United States, which makes neither of them immigrants (see above).

Nor were they particularly poor when raising him. "Poor" is a word that means "not rich." Yet Andrew's father Mario Cuomo graduated top of his class at St. John's law school and joined a prestigious law firm, while his mother was the daughter of a millionaire supermarket mogul.