View Full Version : just one state, 28 illegal aliens rack up 89 counts of rape / assault of children

05-04-2018, 05:13 PM
The information below is from NC FIRE, which is a watchdog group in North Carolina trying to expose the crimes of illegal aliens made against children.

Dear NC Patriots,

Well, here we go AGAIN!

Another month….another child rape report for NC.

Unfortunately April 2018, was a particularly bad month for NC’s children.

NCFIRE was able to document 28 illegal aliens who ran up 89 separate charges of child rape/child sexual assault.

Every month, there are many more “suspected” illegal alien child rapes that we can not get confirmation on so, the reported numbers are low.

Many local law enforcement agencies are extremely reluctant to give out citizenship information or they simply do not check the citizenship status of arrested individuals.

The NCGA will begin session on May 16th. That is the date you need to contact your State Representative in Raleigh and demand they put a stop to this nightmare

Actually this is a slow month

December 2017 13 illegal aliens arrested for 115 separate charges of child rape/child sexual assault

April 2017 24 illegal aliens arrested for 132 separate charges of child rape/child sexual assault

July 2016 16 illegal aliens arrested for 114 separate charges of child rape/child sexual assault

Doing work most Americans don't want to do !