View Full Version : Racism towards black police officers

06-01-2018, 01:02 AM
Article: https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/hate-from-your-own-race/

It really sucks how African American police officers have to go through TRASH from other African Americans. Just for being black! The black woman was being beat up like a rag doll and yet she pays attention to the fact that the officer was black as well. I have no pity, and I mean none for anyone who turns down help from police just because of their skin.

"Oh you're white, you're a racist killer!"
"You're a black cop? You ain't black anymore, you're a white man who likes to kill our children!"

Police are there to help you, so keep your ignorant, egotistic racial comments to yourselves! I don't care if the cop is white, black, brown, yellow, purple or green.. I will be entirely grateful for their time and help. And I bet that woman is the same one who says "black lives matter" yet when a black man comes to her aid..just because he is a cop, that means his life doesn't matter anymore. Logic? Yup. I don't see it either. When black lives matter, so does the black lives in the thin blue line.

06-01-2018, 11:11 AM
Your sig line says it all. Growing up closely tied to law enforcement showed me exactly what you are speaking of. I’m 76 now. That means I grew up in segregated times. It was after I graduated HS in 1960 before Oklahoma began integrating.

I spent 40 years working in the oil patch. Nothing can make you more aware of the commonality of lives, dangers and goodness among humanity than working with people of every color, multiple nationalities, a high variation of youth experiences and all of the world’s religions.

I have good friends of all those colors, religions and nationalities both here in the states and in various countries around the world today. I value every one of them and the long talks we had about the variation of experience.

Black law enforcement ladies and gentlemen have got to be the most thick-skinned of people to put up with the daily crap from every side and still be able to fulfill the requirements of the calling.