View Full Version : Canada is looking to crack down on illegal immigration at its southern border

06-13-2018, 05:01 PM
Similar to President Trump working to secure Americaís border with Mexico, Canada is also now working to strengthen its own southern border.

Canadian officials traveled to the U.S. this week to warn immigrants that they canít cross the border into Canada to escape President Trumpís immigration policies, according to USA Today.

Over the past year, Canada has seen an increase of immigrants crossing their border illegally by way of the U.S., namely through New York into Quebec. Royal Canadian Mounted Police caught more than 5,500 illegal immigrants in August alone, a majority of those being Haitian immigrants about to lose protection in the U.S.

Given the spike of border crossings, Canadian representatives have been making visits to immigration hubs in the U.S., including South Florida, to educate would-be immigrants on Canadaís immigration policies.


06-13-2018, 06:51 PM
These are people who have been here on "Temporary Protected Status". The USA Today article identifies those crossing into Canada as primarily Haiti. TPS is granted to people flees things like wars and natural disasters. Obviously these Haitians came here after the earthquake there ... in 2010. "Temporary" means TEMPORARY. These people have been here 7 or 8 years. Since they haven't bothered to get Green Cards, it's time they should head home. Predictably, USA Today didn't inform its readers of approximately how long these people have been here on "Temporary" status.