View Full Version : Maine- Media Blackout On Man Beaten To Death By Gang Of Refugee Somali Muslims

06-19-2018, 04:52 PM
Cultural Enrichment

There's horrific news to report coming out of Maine, where 38-year-old Donald Giusti was beaten to death by a gang of teenage Somali invaders; and the mainstream media is once again silent on the story.

Donald Giusti was in the wrong place at the wrong time, according to friends and family, when eyewitnesses say that two rival gangs were clashing in downtown Lewiston, Maine.

As Giusti was walking through Kennedy Park, the two gangs, one comprised of teenage invaders from Somalia who are in the United States of America as “refugees,” began to attack him with various makeshift weapons, pummeling him unconscious.

Lewiston Mayor, Shane Bouchard says these types of incidents are common at Kennedy Park:

Local mom recorded a mob of somali teens & kids with bats & other weapons attacking two non-somilians. The attackers yelled at the woman to, “Stop me, b*tch” pic.twitter.com/gpYB5RP2my
— Amy Mek (@AmyMek) May 27, 2018