View Full Version : City workers claim they are being harassed and attacked by the homeless

06-20-2018, 05:20 PM
The latest victims of Philadelphia's homeless crisis are speaking out to FOX 29. They work for the city in what should be the safest part of the city, but claim they're being harassed and even attacked on their way to and from the job.

Our Bruce Gordon has the story.

Workers in Philadelphia's Municipal Services Building in Center City say the city’s homeless crisis is putting their safety at risk. They say the homeless rousted from the new Dilworth Park, even newer Love Park and attracted by the Hub of Hope service facility below ground have taken over.

"I finally got down here and got the job that I wanted, but I don't feel safe," Christy Poulton said. She says it was a longtime dream come true when she began working across the street from city hall. Now, she sats every smoke break turns into a confrontation.

“I have people in my face, asking for money and cigarettes and if you say no they get nasty. They get hostile. They're out here fighting, they're out here doing things that I can't mention on TV."

Karen Foster carries pepper spray to protect herself


06-20-2018, 05:55 PM
Most of the homeless population have some sort of mental health issues, so it's going to be a difficult fix. It'll be interesting to see what the liberal city officials do, they'll probably move the aid center to a different area.

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