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06-23-2018, 05:21 PM
Migrant Children Starved, Forced To Sleep Under Toilet, Eat Off Floor At Obama Detainment Facility

The national debate over the American system of migrant detainment rages on in spite of President Donald Trump signing an executive order ending the practice of separating illegal immigrant families and a surprise visit by the first lady to a child detainment facility.

However, the renewed criticism on the system has brought to light the abuses and oversights of past administrations. Lost in the debate is any acknowledgment that President Obama’s administration also used detention facilities, kept immigrant adults and children in cages, separated families, prosecuted hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and deported millions more.

The Daily Caller published images of Obama detention facilities housing hundreds of children in chain link cages. In fact, the conditions in Obama’s illegal immigrant detainment facilities were so abhorrent that they inspired a lawsuit.

In 2015, the American Immigration Council and the American Civil Liberties Union announced a class-action lawsuit against the conditions at the detainment facilities in the Tucson, Arizona. In the lawsuit, multiple detained illegal immigrants tell the story of abhorrent conditions inside the Obama-era facilities. Children eating off the floor, sleeping under toilets, abused, crying, hungry and thirsty. Since the recent outrage over the Trump facilities also involved the treatment of minors, here are the testimonies of migrants with children held inside the Obama detainment facility: