View Full Version : New York Times Op-Ed: All Trump Policies Trace Back to 'White Extinction Anxiety'

06-25-2018, 11:45 AM

On Monday, New York Times columnist Charles Blow argued that all of President Donald Trump's policies but especially his stance on limiting immigration and enforcing the U.S.-Mexico border trace back to racism.

"Strip all the other rationales away from this draconian immigration policy. This is at the core: White extinction anxiety, white displacement anxiety, white minority anxiety," Blow wrote. "This is the fear and anxiety Trump is playing to. Politico Magazine dubbed Trump 'Pat Buchanan With Better Timing.'"

Blow rightly noted the statistics showing minorities growing faster than white people, and that in more than half of U.S. states, more white people died than were born in 2016. Then, in typical liberal fashion, he declared that this fear of whites being replaced drove everything in the Trump administration.

"All manner of current policy grows out of this panic over loss of privilege and power: immigration policy, voter suppression, Trump economic isolationist impulses, his contempt for people from Haiti and Africa, the Muslim ban, his rage over Black Lives Matter and social justice protests," Blow wrote. "Everything."

He concluded scathingly: "These immigration policies are for people who conflated America with whiteness, and therefore a loss of white primacy becomes a loss of American identity."

There is Dumbness that needs no amplification. This is that kind of Dumbness.

06-25-2018, 11:59 AM
It scares me that people with that little intelligence can get published in a major newspaper.

Angry Old White Man
06-25-2018, 12:26 PM
It's an unintelligent newspaper..........

06-25-2018, 12:27 PM
It scares me that people with that little intelligence can get published in a major newspaper.

He's the male equivalent of April Ryan, though unlike her he's made it into the MSM.

ralph wiggum
06-25-2018, 12:53 PM
Blow me, Charles.

06-25-2018, 01:39 PM
Aptly named.