View Full Version : James Comey is Ashamed Of America

06-28-2018, 07:00 PM
James Comey So Ashamed Of America That He Considered Pretending To Be Canadian

have news for James Comey: America is just as ashamed of him. The disgraced former FBI director has said that he is so ashamed of this country that he considered lying to customs officials in Ireland by saying he was actually Canadian. What it is with this guy and lying? Or making an ass of himself? Hey, Canada can have him. Ireland can have him. We’ll give this guy away to anyone who wants him. We’ll even throw in a free set of snow tires if a country acts now.

Comey was in Ireland promoting his self-serving book A Higher Loyalty and apparently that loyalty isn’t to the United States of America. This is what he told The Irish Times:

Former FBI director James Comey has said he was so ashamed by his country’s separation of children and parents at the Mexican border that he and his wife had considered telling people they were Canadian on arriving in Ireland.

“I am ashamed of the way my country has acted with respect of those children. I am disgusted, I am horrified, I am embarrassed, I’m ashamed,” said Comey.

Move to Canada - problem solved