View Full Version : The Left needs to face reality: Trump is winning

Dlr Pyro
07-01-2018, 09:31 AM
interesting op-ed that has got to piss off the left...

To understand the madness gripping American leftists, try to see the world through their eyes. Presto, youíre now part of the raging resistance.

Like the Palestinians who mark Israelís birth as their nakba, or tragedy, you regard Donald Trumpís 2016 victory as a catastrophe. Itís the last thing you think of most nights, and the first thing most mornings.

You canít shake it or escape it. Whatever you watch, listen to or read, there are reminders ó Donald Trump really is president.

You actually believe The New York Times is too nice to him, so you understand why a Manhattan woman urged a reporter there to stop covering Trump to protest his presidency.

And where the hell is Robert Mueller? He was supposed to save us from this nightmare ó thatís what Chuck Schumer banked on. Well?

You spend your tax cut even as you rail against the man who made it happen. And you are pleased that cousin Jimmy finally got a job, though you repeat the daily devotional that Barack Obama deserves credit for the roaring economy.

And now this ó Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring, and Trump gets another Supreme Court pick. The court might tilt right for the rest of your life. Heís winning. https://nypost.com/2018/06/30/the-left-needs-to-face-reality-trump-is-winning/

07-02-2018, 11:41 AM