View Full Version : 'Most dangerous person I've ever dealt with': Lawyer feared newspaper murder suspect

07-01-2018, 04:18 PM
Brennan McCarthy spent years staring out the window, expecting one day to see Jarrod Ramos coming for him.

In his 19 years of practicing law, McCarthy, an attorney in Annapolis, Maryland, said he never came across any person who frightened him as much as Ramos.

That same man is now charged with killing five people at the Capital Gazette newsroom in Annapolis on Thursday.

"Of the thousands of people Iíve dealt with in court, this guy stuck," McCarthy told USA TODAY. "I was extremely scared that he was going to do something to me and my family."

McCarthy says he became a target of Ramos' rage after representing a woman in 2011 who accused Ramos of stalking her and threatening her online.

The woman told McCarthy that Ramos, who had gone to the same high school as she did, had been harassing her online since 2009. McCarthy described it as the "worst case of harassment and stalking I have ever encountered in my career."


07-02-2018, 09:58 AM
I know the feeling of "the most dangerous person I've ever dealt with". Mine is probably married to one of Jersey's. LOL.