View Full Version : Ahead of Trump Visit, NATO Leaders Spin Poor Defence Spending Figures

07-10-2018, 05:22 PM
Senior figures within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) scrabbled to justify low levels of commitment to the organisation and defence spending ahead of President Donald J. Trumpís arrival in Brussels Tuesday.

President Trump, pictured above as he departed the White House Tuesday morning on his way to Europe, has repeatedly made clear his disappointment in the attitude to the NATO alliance by key partners, and he is expected to be asking tough questions of fellow world leaders Tuesday and Wednesday before departing Brussels for London.

While some have chosen to criticise the President for taking the alliance to task, behind Trumpís comments are the raw figures that show the vast majority of NATO nations do not pay the two per cent of GDP on defence minimum required by mutually-ratified treaty and have not done for many years.

The end result of this imbalance has been the United States paying the bill for collective defence of the NATO allies, while many European partners enjoy the benefits of common security while hardly contributing to it