View Full Version : Hopkins man admits punching pregnant woman for $200; baby died

12-18-2008, 10:18 PM
A 20-year-old Hopkins man pleaded guilty today to punching a friend's pregnant girlfriend in the midsection, leading to the baby's death, in exchange for $200.

In exchange for admitting in Hennepin County District Court to second-degree murder and first-degree assault, Paul A. Petersen agreed to testify against his friend and fellow defendant Dameon Gatson.


According to the charges:

On April 21, 2007, Petersen knocked on the door of a St. Louis Park apartment and asked for Shyloe Linde, who was six months pregnant with Gatson's child. When Linde came to the door, Petersen punched her two or three times in the stomach. Linde went into labor and gave birth to a girl, Destiny Gatson, the following day.

Destiny weighed less than 2 pounds and had significant health problems, including bleeding on the brain. She died May 1, 2007.

Petersen told police that Gatson offered him $200 to cause Linde to miscarry, and that Gatson told him he feared she was cheating on him and he didn't want another baby. The two drove around, drinking and using marijuana.

After Petersen punched Linde two or three times at the apartment in the 5600 block of Minnetonka Boulevard, he fled and got into a car with Gatson at a nearby gas station.

Petersen noted that Gatson gave him $40 after the assault.
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