View Full Version : Al Gore Demands Trump Resign For Not Believing In Manbearpig

09-01-2018, 03:14 PM
Al Gore is like a modern Thomas Edison. He invented both the Internet and man-made global warming. Well, at least he invented global warming. And while Donald Trump loves using the Internet to tweet out his opinions, the President doesnít exactly buy into the global warming myth. Because of this, Gore is demanding that Trump resign the office of the presidency.

Most leftists want to Trump to resign or be impeached for reasons ranging from they donít like him to they really donít like him. Not Gore. He wants the President gone because Trump doesnít believe in fairy tales. The former VP was on Good Day LA talking about how heís indoctrinating people in the ways of climate change, when the host asked him if he had a message for president Trump.

Oh, my only message would be: resign,Ē said Gore.

This demand from Gore was clearly over the Presidentís refusal to accept Goreís global warming BS:

ďI donít mean to be flippant about it. I donít think heís prepared to listen to advice about the importance of clean air and clean water,Ē Gore added.

See, this statement right here shows how completely full of crap Gore is. Clean air and water are separate issues from global warming. Nobody, including the president denies that pollution exists. Pollution however is not climate change or global warming and no one, including Al Gore, can prove a link between the two. Especially considering that no one can prove the planet is getting warmer.