View Full Version : North Carolina hit with subpoena for millions of voter records by federal officials

09-07-2018, 03:44 PM
Federal immigration officials have subpoenaed more than 20 million documents related to voter records in North Carolina as part of an investigation into alleged fraud.

The official request is “the most exhaustive on record” for election officials, North Carolina State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement (NCSBE) attorney Josh Lawson said to the assistant U.S. attorney named on the subpoena in an email, which was provided to Fox News.

The request comes just weeks after Justice Department officials charged 19 foreign nationals with illegal voting in North Carolina in the 2016 election. The cases are also being investigated by the Immigration and Custom Enforcements (ICE) agency.

The defendants – from numerous countries, including Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Nigeria and Germany – were accused of filing a false claim of citizenship in order to vote or illegal voting.

The subpoena request, which state officials say impedes their efforts to get ready for November elections, asks for more than 15 million documents in North Carolina’s voter registration database as well as more than 5.6 million individual ballots from 44 counties, according to data provided to Fox News by the NCSBE.

Specifically, the subpoena requests of the counties: “Any and all poll books, e-poll books, voting records, and/or voter authorization documents, and executive official ballots (including absentee official ballots), that were submitted to, filed by, received by, and/or maintained by the [specific county's board of elections] from August 30, 2013 through August 30, 2018.”


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Angry Old White Man
09-07-2018, 04:13 PM
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