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12-20-2008, 11:11 PM
You Are Peaceful and Appreciative


You approach the holidays with harmony and thoughtfulness.
You realize the holidays can be a hard time for some people, and you're there to lend your support.

Not only do you enjoy giving during the holidays, you enjoy receiving greetings, love, and gifts.
You graciously appreciate every holiday gesture made in your honor.

Of all the types, you are the most likely to give a gift that's meaningful for you and the recipient.
You're also the most likely to hand deliver as many of your gifts as possible.

The Wrapping Paper Test (http://www.blogthings.com/thewrappingpapertest/)

Oddly enough, I do give meaningful gifts and I often hand deliver them. But that's true for most us stalkers. :D

12-21-2008, 12:53 AM
You approach the holidays in a warm, caring fashion.
You make sure everyone is taken care of, and you connect with all the people you know.

You think the holidays are all about personal relationships, and you enjoy making the people you love smile.
You'll go the extra mile to make sure everyone is happy.

Of all the types, you are the most likely to have the most types of wrapping paper.
You're also the most likely to include a homemade gift - even if it's just cookies or a funny card.

12-21-2008, 01:01 AM
You are Lively and Inspiring


You approach the holidays with lots of energy and enthusiasm.
It's definitely your favorite time of the year.

You are quite social during the holidays. You go to lots of events and get in touch with everyone you know.
While so much activity would make most people exhausted, it only energizes you more.

Of all the types, you are the most likely to treat your friends and family to expensive gifts.
You're also the most likely to wrap your gifts elegantly and simply.

The Wrapping Paper Test (http://www.blogthings.com/thewrappingpapertest/)

I hate when some of these dumb quizes are true. :D