View Full Version : Globalist Macron Lectures Pro-Sovereignty Visegrad Nations to Fall into Line with EU

10-27-2018, 03:31 PM
The globalist French President Emmanuel Macron has lectured Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, telling them to fall into line with the European Union on migrant solidarity and “fundamental values”.

President Macron launched his two-day tour of Slovakia and the Czech Republic Friday by giving interviews to press from all four Visegrád nations to remind them that the “European Union is not a supermarket” where members can reject aspects of policy that conflict with their home interests.

Speaking to Hungary’s hvg.hu, President Macron told them that the EU “has a common destiny” where there can be no “East-West debate”.

“I continue to maintain this. This expectation applies to everyone. First of all, to honour our fundamental values,” Macron said, adding that those shared “humanist” values “confer personal freedom, shared responsibility and cultural diversity all at the same human level”.

Notably, the French President singled out Hungary for censure saying that “The situation of the rule of law in Hungary is worrying,” after the country introduced laws intended to halt the promotion and support of illegal migration, laws which impact the endeavours of pro-mass migration civil society groups.

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