View Full Version : How Are ‘Babies’ a ‘National Security Threat?

10-28-2018, 04:57 PM
On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” host Chris Wallace pressed Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on how the migrant caravan from Central America was a “national security threat.”

Wallace asked, “There’s a report that the president is considering making a major speech this week in which he will announce that he is sealing the border even to people seeking asylum. On what legal basis could he do that?”

Nielsen said, “I think what the president has been saying and will continue to say and certainly what I have been saying is this caravan is not getting in. There is a legal way to enter this country. Those who choose to enter illegally will be stopped. We are working with our partners in Mexico. They have taken unprecedented efforts within their territory to ensure an orderly flow and that those who have no legal right to be there are removed. We intend to do the same, but my general message to this caravan is, do not come. You will not be allowed in. There is a right way to immigrate to the United States, and this is not it. ”


10-28-2018, 05:24 PM
Wow, that's just willful ignorance right there. The type that gives a normal person a migraine.