View Full Version : Migrant caravan coordinator says demand for Mexico to provide buses has 'failed'

11-01-2018, 01:23 PM
The leading migrant caravan trying to make its way to the United States border is admitting defeat after asking the Mexican government to provide dozens of buses to speed up the group's journey northward.

The setback comes days after caravan leaders asked for “safe and dignified” transport to Mexico City, a checkpoint along the way for a group that has been dwindling in size as members either apply for protected status in Mexico or drop out over fatigue exacerbated by the sweltering weather conditions they have been facing.

"The attempt to travel by bus failed," caravan coordinator Walter Cuello told the Associated Press Wednesday night.

Safe and dignified ? What do they want. a chauffer driven Rolls Royce ?


11-01-2018, 01:56 PM
Some quick (very) mental calculations ... back when I was riding school buses the capacity was 75-80 people. As a round number that makes allowance for some overcrowding plus some stuff being brought along, 100 people is convenient and realistic. So 10,000 people, 100 per bus would require 100 buses, in some very rural parts of Mexico. Ignoring all the politics, that would be pretty difficult to do.

The trekkers are a mixture of criminals, terrorist-wannabes, and more or less decent people wanting to escape hell-holes. The criminals and terrorist-wannabes could die in the desert for all I care, but the cynicism of the pols and activists using the hopes and desperation of who knows how many thousands of ordinary people is appalling. It's a lot of energy and $$ that would be better used to work those countries out of their hell-hole state.

Dlr Pyro
11-01-2018, 03:27 PM
who did the invasion caravan coordinator expect to pay for these buses he was demanding?