View Full Version : Trump Sends Combat Engineers to Border, Along with Their Favorite Defense

11-02-2018, 03:12 PM
U.S. Northern Commander Air Force Gen. Terrence O’Shaughnessy announced Monday that more than 5,200 active duty soldiers are being deployed to the United States’ southern border to “harden the points of entry and address key gaps in areas around the points of entry.”

Three combat engineer battalions will be part of the surge that will bolster President Donald Trump’s defense of the southern border. Gen. O’Shaughnessy said they would arrive “with expertise in building temporary vehicle barriers, fencing — and we’re bringing them in with heavy equipment which, as we speak right now, is line-hauling towards Texas.”

The combat engineers will also have 22 miles of a longtime favorite waiting for them at the border: concertina wire.

I think det cord should be included


11-02-2018, 04:15 PM
I think the libs will soon realize that this 'Mob the Border' operation is going to do more harm to their cause than good. Now you have military engineers who wouldn't have been there otherwise closing the holes in border security.