View Full Version : Bombshell: Facebook Let Liberal Publisher Impersonate Every Single US Senator

11-02-2018, 03:14 PM
Another day, another round of damage control for Facebook.

The social media giant has already come under scrutiny over privacy concerns, along with its role in data mining, alleged election meddling and alleged censoring of many conservative news sites.

Just a few months ago, CEO Mark Zuckerberg told Congress and the nation that the company’s problems were being fixed. But a scathing new report indicates the social media giant still has alarming issues.

Investigative reporters from Vice News, a left-leaning outlet, posed as every U.S. Senator — all 100 of them — and tried to run political advertisements on Facebook.

To their shock, the network approved all of the ads, something that shouldn’t be possible according to Facebook’s own promises, especially with less than a week before the midterm elections