View Full Version : In Houston, a Problem with 'Sources'

11-11-2018, 03:31 PM
The Houston Chronicle has retracted eight stories by a former political reporter after an independent investigation found they were based on sources whose existence couldn't be confirmed. Nearly half of 275 individuals quoted by reporter Mike Ward could not be found by the paper.

In a statement posted on the newspaper's website, Chronicle Executive Editor Nancy Barnes said the newspaper also was correcting 64 other stories on which Ward reported that contained unconfirmed sources upon which the premise did not rest. "These are challenging times for our country, and for journalism. That makes it all the more important that readers trust that we will ferret out the truth, even if it concerns ourselves," Barnes said in the statement.

The Chronicle reported in September that Ward resigned after questions arose about the existence of persons quoted in one of his stories.

As if the media's image wasn't bad enough already... The current penchant for relying on multiple anonymous sources by national reporters who should know better is emblematic of why the public doesn't trust the media. If, as charged in Houston, sources quoted by name may not exist, what chances of existence to the anonymice have?


11-11-2018, 07:03 PM
Ward, like far too many others, just made s**t up.