View Full Version : CNN sues President Trump and top White House aides for barring Jim Acosta

11-13-2018, 02:29 PM
By Brian Stelter (https://www.cnn.com/profiles/brian-stelter-profile), CNN Business (https://www.cnn.com/business)
Updated 12:54 PM ET, Tue November 13, 2018

New York (CNN)CNN has filed a lawsuit against President Trump and several of his aides, seeking the immediate restoration of chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta's access to the White House.

The lawsuit is a response to the White House's suspension of Acosta's press pass, known as a Secret Service "hard pass," last week (https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/07/media/trump-cnn-press-conference/index.html). The suit alleges that Acosta and CNN's First and Fifth Amendment rights are being violated by the ban.

The suit was filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday morning. It was docketed and assigned to Judge Timothy J. Kelly, a Trump appointee. CNN is seeking a preliminary hearing as soon as possible


LINK (https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/13/media/cnn-sues-trump/index.html)

Angry Old White Man
11-13-2018, 04:47 PM
Take their FCC license, they have become a propaganda machine and no more, the license does not allow them to interfere with our elections or elected President, if anything this just stiffens the backbone of all real Patriots. Unless you are sitting in an airport you don't even know they exist

11-13-2018, 06:31 PM
What grounds do they have to stand on? There is no fundamental right to have a White House press pass nor is there a fundamental right to have access to the president. CNN's access wasn't pulled, only his. He's free to do his job otherwise even from the White House. They're also claiming his 5th amendment rights were violated, how I don't know. They're saying his due process rights were violated. Um, how?

cadillac shark
11-13-2018, 06:41 PM
His real first-name is Abilio :biggrin-new::biggrin-new::biggrin-new::biggrin-new::biggrin-new:

Hey, Abilio. Ashamed of your heritage much???

The suit goes absolutely nowhere. He has to prove he's not allowed to watch it on television or talk to anyone who was in the room.