View Full Version : Poland Pulls Out: UN Migration Pact ‘Will Make Migrant Crisis Worse’

11-22-2018, 05:53 PM
Poland has announced it would be following nations including the U.S., Hungary, and Austria in pulling out of the UN migration pact, which it said would only “intensify” problems with illegal immigration.

Speaking on Radio Poland Tuesday, Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak confirmed the country would not be going to Marrakech next month to sign the agreement, which he said was “not a good solution” to Europe’s immigrant influx.

“This is not a method that would make it possible to reduce the migration crisis. On the contrary, it would only intensify the crisis,” Błaszczak told the public broadcaster, adding that Poland is cooperating with its fellow Visegrád nations to ‘migrant-proof’ external EU borders on the bloc’s east.

According to the Polish government, the document — which declares migration “inevitable, necessary and desirable”— did not meet its demands regarding the provision of “adequately strong guarantees of [nations’] sovereign right to decide who they allow to live in their territory”, and it failed to make a distinction between legal and illegal immigration