View Full Version : Caravan migrants turn up their noses at all those unfilled jobs Tijuana has for them

11-23-2018, 04:36 PM
With 6,200 people camped out at its stadiums and no state welfare help coming from Mexico City, Tijuana has offered a job fair to the Central American caravan migrants as a practical means of reducing the pressure valve that thousands of foreign unemployed military-aged young men camped out in their city present, as well as getting a lot of unfilled factory jobs filled as the migrants await their U.S. asylum appointments. For the migrants, the reward is good money in a far more civilized city than the one they left.

Are the caravan migrants flocking to take that opportunity? Doesn't sound like it, based on the news accounts. From Mexico News:

Wilmar Correa, a 27-year-old Honduran, is one of hundreds of migrants who have attended the fair.

Did they say hundreds? From a pool of 6,200 migrants awaiting their asylum claims to be adjudicated in Tijuana, with 7,000 to 10,000 jobs on offer? Hundreds? It doesn't sound like a high number.

Here's the Arizona Republic, reporting the same thing:

On Monday, interest in the job fair piqued [sic] among the migrants staying at the Unidad Deportiva Benito Juarez, eager to make some cash while they waited in Mexico. A small number lined up outside, amid barricades and a strong police presence, to board government buses that would take them, 25 at a time, from the shelter to the job fair site.

A small number? Interesting

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