View Full Version : Robert Mueller’s FBI Gave Orgy Island Billionaire Epstein Easy Go —

11-29-2018, 04:44 PM
On Wednesday The Miami Herald published an extensive report on Democrat donor and Clinton condfidante Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex.

Epstein abused dozens, if not hundreds, of teen girls.

It is well documented that former President Bill Clinton flew on convicted child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet.

And Robert Mueller was FBI director when Epstein was given a lenient 13 month jail stint for his years of child sex abuse.

Now we find out that corrupt Mueller from the phony Russia – Trump hoax, was the Head of the FBI at the time Epstein’s case was prosecuted.

It looks like Mueller was even involved in the case. The Epstein case was run out of DC:

Amazing if true.


11-29-2018, 08:32 PM
Mueller, despite his service as a combat Marine officer, is a traitor. His politics are so far left, and his powers as a Special Prosecutor so vast, we must consider him an exceptionally dangerous enemy. Anyone who thinks he will ever conclude his witch-hunt voluntarily is mistaken. It is a critical part the Democrats' strategy to overthrow President Trump.