View Full Version : Miserable Twitter Troll Doxes Everyone Who Donated to #GoFundTheWall

12-26-2018, 06:16 PM
Did you donate money to the GoFundMe page to build the border wall? If you did, there's a good chance this guy/gal or otherkin has doxed your Facebook profile to millions of other nasty trolls who will now make it their business to harass and punish you with anonymous online mobs. Get ready, because your life is about to get more interesting. Based on my personal experience, once these monsters get your information and the directive to destroy you, the death threats, vandalism, obscene pornography, and harassment at work are not far behind. And the worst part is, no one will help you not the police or the FBI or anyone else whose job it should be to stop intimidation and harassment. Gateway Pundit edited the tweets so identities are hidden.

I'm sure sucksitberg is delighted !