View Full Version : Jerry Brown Blasts ‘Rural Areas’ for Not Liking Gas Tax

12-30-2018, 06:09 PM
California Gov. Jerry Brown (D.) on Sunday blamed rural Californians for not wanting higher taxes to help fight climate change.

Chuck Todd, host of MSNBC’s "Meet the Press," asked about how California’s new gas tax hurts rural residents who need cars because they don’t have access to public transportation. He cited an article from CityLab, which said the gas tax "punishes people for not having access to transit options," but Brown bowled right over Todd’s research and blamed rural Californians for not being on board with his agenda.

"You won your gas tax fight, but rural Californians didn’t like it," Todd said.

"No, they don’t. They don’t like a lot of things. They voted against housing bonds, they voted for the Republican Cox who didn't even make 40 percent," Brown said, referring to his reelection's vote margin.

He then went on to divide residents of his own state into the categories of "red" and "blue," siding with the wealthier, more Democratic residents on the coast, who have a majority and want to raise taxes on rural Californians.


12-30-2018, 06:17 PM
FU Moonbeam. :smile-new:

12-30-2018, 06:54 PM
Hmm, I didn't know that San Jose was a rural town. I don't like this extortion imposed upon us by the dictatorial whims of state government and most of my friends and family feel the same way.

12-30-2018, 10:53 PM
Moonbeam has hated and attacked agriculture since the 1970. He doesn't get the tie between farmers and the food he eats. Or maybe he hates them because he hates people on whom he is dependent (like oil companies, like PG&E, ...). The feeling is largely mutual, many farmers dislike him.