View Full Version : Tuberculosis, flu, infections rampant as the number of sick migrants surge at border

Dlr Pyro
01-09-2019, 03:54 PM
just lovely...

Border authorities are referring 50 people a day for urgent medical care, including tuberculosis, flu and even pregnant women about to give birth, a top official said Monday, saying it’s unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.

Most of those in need of care are children, and a staggering 28 percent are under age 5, having been dragged along for the trip by parents who in many cases are hoping to use the children as a shield against speedy deportation from the U.S.

The numbers were released after a full review was done of all children in the custody of Customs and Border Protection in the wake of two illegal-immigrant children who died in U.S. hospitals in December.https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/dec/31/number-sick-kids-soars-border/

ah yes, contagious diseases and anchor babies. Thank you democrat party for not allowing us to make America safe...

01-09-2019, 04:09 PM
Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM) as well. This is relatively new, although rare. However, the outbreak in the SF Bay Area caught the attention of public health officials. When pressed and asked about if there was any association with the large illegal population of children attending local schools. The public health officials were tight lipped about it.

There might be a connection, however have not read much more on this of late.

Like any new or emerging infectious disease, our immune new system and lower GI has not seen this agent before and therefore unprepared.

The supposition is if PH officials look for it in the illegal immigrant population they just might find an association. Doing so, would reinforce what we ought to be doing on the southern border. Control it and preclude individuals from entry who have infectious disease. TB is not good. Multi-drug resistant TB is worst.

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