View Full Version : Man who raped woman a week after nonprofit bailed him out gets 18 years

01-18-2019, 05:30 PM
A violent thug who’d been bailed out by a nonprofit — only to viciously choke and sexually violate a young woman in the Bronx a week after he was sprung — will stay behind bars for the next 18 years under a plea deal he took Wednesday.

Lynneke Burris, 30, of Brooklyn, already had a lengthy rap sheet, including for violent muggings, and had been jailed on a new assault charge when The Bronx Freedom Fund posted his $1,000 bail on April 5.

On April 12, he followed a 23-year-old high school English teacher into the elevator of her Concourse Village apartment building, choking her there until she passed out.

Then he dragged her into a stairwell. When she regained consciousness, he ordered her to remove her clothing and sexually attacked her.

On Wednesday, Burris repeatedly said “Yes” to Bronx Supreme Court Justice Ralph Fabrizio as he was asked if he’d squeezed the woman’s neck until she passed out, and then committed one count of criminal sex act in the first degree.

Under the plea deal, he did not admit to raping the woman, and avoided a trial that could have resulted in as many as 25 years prison, but which would have required the victim to testify in open court


The Bronx Freedom Fund

Poverty is not a crime, but every day thousands of New Yorkers await trial in city jails because they cannot afford bail, which is often as low as $250.

For our community in the South Bronx, “innocent until proven guilty” does not apply. With one of the most backlogged court systems in the country, people wait years before going to trial. Even one night in jail can cause someone to lose their job, their housing, and even custody of their children.

We are a nonprofit with a revolving fund to pay bail for people accused of misdemeanors. Our goal is to keep people in their communities while they await trial – and to fight for a system that no longer criminalizes poverty