View Full Version : Migrant accused of attempted sexual assault

01-18-2019, 05:37 PM
Police arrested a Guatemalan man Tuesday for allegedly breaking into a hotel room and attempting to sexually assault a Guatemalan woman while she was holding her one-year-old child.

Police said both the victim and the offender were being housed at the Budget Inn Motel on Paisano when the alleged attack happened.

Investigators identified the suspect as Francisco Tojin Maldonado, 23, from Guatemala.

Police said the woman was bathing her infant in the hotel room Tuesday when the man walked in, groped her under her clothing and pressed himself against her.

The woman told police she left the hotel room door unlocked to allow volunteers in and out of the room

https://www.ktsm.com/news/local/el-paso-news/migrant-accused-of-attempted-sexual-assault/1693959749?fbclid=IwAR22WSv4w64Vn4_ocxvcTpCkQxh7VA QYSYyFlBg0-NMy-4BKhtHe5pujhTk&apt_credirect=1