View Full Version : Drug smugglers bring 700 lbs of cocaine into US, then flee into Mexico

01-18-2019, 06:14 PM
Border Patrol agents said they confiscated more than 700 lbs. of cocaine on Thursday just miles from the Rio Grande river.

I'm in the area with an appointment for a ride-along with border patrol agents, who say that this particular portion of the border is especially high in illegal crossing, including by drug smugglers, due to a lack of physical infrastructure to act as a barrier on the border.

Customs and Border Protection said the suspects were seen loading "bundles of narcotics" into an off-road-style utility vehicle outside of Garciasville, a city in Texas up against the river. The suspects, apparently aware they had been seen, were able to "abruptly" drive the vehicle into the river and escape into Mexico, CBP said.

CBP did not say how many suspects got away, only that there were "several," and that the amount of cocaine totaled 705 lbs., with an estimated value of $22.5 million.

Remember, very few drugs come over the southern border


Dlr Pyro
01-18-2019, 08:21 PM
I've been watching the series "Drugs, Inc" on Netflix recently. Last night the episode I saw was titled "Dope-Landia" and was about the drug\opioid\homeless crisis in liberal Portland, Oregon. The first thing I noticed was that there is a large population of homeless people living from fix to fix and not working or contributing to society because of their addiction to drugs. The next thing the show highlighted was a drug wholesaler who supplies drugs to mobile drug dealers who in turn sell to the addicts. This wholesaler is in the country illegally working for the mexican cartels and has a staff illegal aliens who are "runners" who distribute the cartel's drugs to the mobile dealers who in turn sell to the addicts.

It angered and disgusted me to see how illegal drugs being dealt by illegal aliens in this Country are tearing away the fabric of our culture knowing that the democrat party is in effect encouraging this behavior all with the goal of gaining future voters.

In addition, seeing what is going in with the illegal aliens dealing drugs in this Country proves that President Trump was on target in his speech when he announced his candidacy when he said illegal alien s are coming across the border to commit crimes against the Citizens of this Country.